K-friends Ins.



  • Friends who love Korean culture, tourism and more
  • Anyone can become a K-friend, online ambassadors promoting Korea around the world

K-friends Qualifications

  • Simply love Korea and become a member of MOIJA K-friends Facebook Group
  • You must sign in to K-friends.net with your Facebook profile name in order to receive K-friends benefits.

What is MOIJA K-friends?

  • Moija is Korean for "let's all get together."
  • This community is for anyone interested in all things related to Korea, whether it be travel, K-pop, food, history, K-beauty, or anything else.

MOIJA K-friends Activities

  • The community will be a space for people of similar interests to share various information and partake in fun events.

Membership Benefits

  • Online Certificate, best contents & activities rewards, and much more!