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Notice Board

We are finally opening the Moija Market 2021.07.05

Hello, everyone! 

We are finally opening the Moija Market

It’s finally the time that you all been waiting for!! 
The Moija Market has finally opened as of now! 
From ‘BTS Merch’ to ‘Online Tour to Korea’, we have prepared all different products for our K-friends members 
You now can use your coin to shop your favorite item at the market. 

Here are the lists of products you can find at our market

1. BTS Merch 
  - Butter Album 
  - Discover Seoul Pass BTS Limited Edition 
  - Happy Ever After Album 
  - BTS Toy 
  - 2019 BTS Summer Package 

2. Online Tour 
 - Korea Virtual Tour - Fun & Informative Gangneung (Live Commentary)
  - Group Cooking Class: Cook Authentic Korean Dishes Using Kimchi
  - Basic Korean Language Class
  - Korean Hanok Village Docent Virtual Tour (Live Commentary)
  - All About Korean Fried Chicken Virtual Tour (Live Commentary)
  - K-Pop Entertainment Company Virtual Tour (Live Commentary)
  - Busan Night & Food Virtual Tour (Live Commentary)

3. For those who don’t have enough Moija Coins, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 
   - We have prepared a special random event for those without coins. As long as you are an official member of K-friends, you can participate in this event right now! 
(Please check whether you have signed on

You can select the virtual tour you like, but the tour schedule will be randomly assigned between August and September 2021. Therefore, please select after checking the designated date and time of the virtual tour. 

1. Moija coin will not be transferred to next year. 
2. The ‘Moija Coin' accumulated in multiple IDs cannot be transferred to or combined with one ID.
3. At Moija market, it is unable to purchase more than one identical products. (One product per person)
 ★ Please share the opportunity to buy the goods with other K-friends.
4. Shipping is free.  However, taxes and tariffs imposed by a custom are in charge of the receiver.
5. More interesting products will be prepared at the Moja Market in November, so please look forward to it! 

Once the market is opened this Wednesday, please submit your request by Friday, July 23rd . 

Thank you