Notice Board

Notice Board

2021 K-friends Benefit System_Update Version 2021.07.08

About new K-friends benefit system.

All the points of the members of the existing 'K-friends homepage'

(who registered 'K-friends homepage’ last year) will resume at zero.

Instead, we give the ‘Moija Coin’ to gather as compensation for the activity.


What is the ‘Moija Coin’?

Moija Coin is the new benefit system in the ‘Moija K-friends’ Facebook Group

(K-friends, Korea Traveling). If you are active in the ‘K-friends’ group and the ‘Korea Traveling’ group, you get ‘Moija Coin’ as a reward.


The maximum coin you can gain is up to 1,000 coins.

After using the Moija coin at the ‘Moija Market’, you can gain up to 1,000 coins again



How to get the ‘Moija Coin’?

1.To get the ‘Welcome Moija Coin’. (20 Moija coins)

1) For the new members of K-friends website.

Sign up for ‘K-friends’ website: ‘’

à Every member could get 20 Moija coins automatically as a welcome gift.


2) For the members who registered last year.

Log-in and register your ‘Facebook profile name’ and ‘Facebook profile link’

at ‘Personal Info Settings’ tab.


2. Become the ‘Monthly Best Members’.

1) The admin will choose the ‘Monthly Best Members’ among the members who qualify the below conditions. (30 Moija coins)

Members who were chosen by the Facebook algorithm.

Members who actively participated in the group.

Members whose contents showed high interactions.


2) Good comments. (5 Moija coins)

Members who share useful information by comment.


3) Daily good activities (10 Moija coins)

Good activity members will be chosen by the K-friends admin.

 How to use the ‘Moija Coin’ (What is the ‘Moija Market’?)

You can use ‘Moija coin’ at the ‘Moija Market’. ‘Moija Market’ will be opened in July and November. The market will be opened with a variety of goods related to Korea traveling, and you can purchase them with the Moija coins.

*Admin will make an announcement when the market is ready.


How to Become the ‘Best K-friends of 2021’?

Once you reach 1,000 Moija coins,

you will be nominated as the ‘Best K-friends of the year’ and get to enjoy the benefits.




1. K-friends goods package (or digital package): Given once at the end of the year.


2. An official award certificate from KTO: Given at the end of the year.


3. An invitation to Korea Fam Tour hosted by KTO:

The admin will choose the best candidate among the ‘Best K-friends of the year’.


*The selection criteria will be announced when the Moija market is opened.

*Fam tour is subject to change depending on the COVID 19 situation.


▼Please download the below PDF file for more information regarding 2021 K-friends Benefit System

첨부파일 : ★2021 K-friends Benefit System_Update Version.pdf