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Notice Board

Tell Me about Yourself Event 2021.08.10

[Tell Me about Yourself Event]

Hello K-friends

So far, we all have been very busy sharing different opinions and information about Korea. However, we did not have a chance to get to know each other deeply!

As our Facebook group name is 'Moija K-friends',
now is the best time to gather around and say a big hello to each other!

So, please tell us about yourself!

What's your name? Where are you from? Who is your favorite K-pop star?
Share with us about yourself as much as you want!

You can either make a post answering below questions

OR share an introductory video (3~5mins)!


All participants will receive '30 Moija coins’.

(However, 30 coins will be given only once.)

Plus, for 30 of you who made an exceptional self-introduction video,
we will award extra '300 Moija coins'.

[How to Participate]

Step 1. Read through the sample questions & introduce yourself by uploading a post
Step 2. Fill out the Google form below so that we can give out Moija Coins!      

Event Period: 2021/08/10 ~ 08/22  

Winners Announcement: 2021/08/30

[ Here are some questions you could answer ]

#1 Name

#2 Nationality

#3 Have you ever been to Korea? ( Yes- #4 /No -#5) 

#4 If yes, what was your favorite thing about Korea?

#5 If not, where do you want to visit? And what would you do there?

#6 How did you first find out about K-friends?

#7 What made you join K-friends?

#8 What are you most passionate about in regards to Korea?

     (ex. K-pop, K-drama, K-food, etc.)

     Pick your favorite topic & tell us the reason!

#8-1 If you are a fan of K-pop and/or K-drama, do you have your own way of enjoying the show/music? Tell us how you make your experience better.


#8-2 If you are a K-food master, please share a special recipe of your own if you have one.

#8-3 If you have your own merch collection that you want to show off to K-friends, please share it with us by attaching a photo along with a comment.

#8-4 Is there any Korea related community you are a part of other than K-friends? If so, please share it with us! J

#9 Are there any content/challenges/events that you would like to see at

      Moija K-friends? Please give us any ideas! J

#10 Is there anything you would like to say to K-friends?  


1.Duplicate participation between two groups is allowed.
2.However, 30 coins will be given only once.
3. No double award for comment/regular post participants (one award per account) 

For more information please click here