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[Wanted] Looking for K-Travel Expert! 2021.09.07

[Wanted] Looking for K-Travel Expert!

Hello K-friends! :) When you are planning to visit Korea, various questions will pop up in your head. Where should I go? How can I get there? What should I prepare?... etc. We have prepared this event for anyone who is planning a trip to Korea after the COVID 19. Ask any questions about K-travel! Or you can even answer them! Everyone who participates will be given ‘10 Moija coins.’ We will award ‘100 Moija coins’ to ‘members who asked good questions’, and ‘200 Moija coins’ to those who did an excellent job in answering these questions! Also, members who gave the ‘Best answers’ will be given a ‘K-travel Expert Certificate’ by the K-Friends admin! :) So, please come and join us! Prepare your trip to Korea in advance! Event Period: 2021/09/06 ~ 2021/09/26 Winners Announcement: 2021/09/29

How to Participate Step 1. Either ask questions about K-Travel or Answer questions asked by K-friends members! Step 2. Fill out the Google form so that we can give out 10 Moija Coins! *Multiple entries are allowed, but the coins will be given only once. **This event is opened only in the ‘Korea Traveling’ group. ***The number of BEST questions/answers will be chosen freely at the discretion of the admin.

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