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Notice Board

K-friends super monitoring supporters 2021.09.07

[K-friends super monitoring supporters]

Hello K-friends 

Have you guys ever heard or watched the video called ‘Feel the Rhythm of Korea’?

Feel the Rhythm of Korea’ is famous for promoting the beautiful tourist attractions in Korea with its unique ‘traditional X hip-hop’ music and dance moves.  

And this September, they are back with Season 2!

Well, we can’t miss the chance to promote Korea’s wonderful tourist attractions!

So, we have prepared this ‘Feel the Rhythm with K-friends Event’ for you all. 

Enjoy the eight videos now & become a K-friends super monitoring supporter!

Share us your thoughts about the video freely by posting your opinion at K-friends group by sharing the video from Youtube.

All participants will receive 20 Moija coins.

Event Period: 2021.09.07 (Tuesday) ~ 2021.09.30.(Thursday)

Important NOTICE!

1. Due to copyright, editing the video is not allowed when you share the video. Taking & uploading screenshots of the video is not a problem!

2. Multiple entries are allowed, but coins will be given only once.

3. Upload a post with hashtag #kfriends_rhythm along with the link of the Youtube video.

4. Must follow notice to receive the coins.  

Participation Guide * Checklist *

Visit and watch the eight ‘Feel the Rhythm of the Korea’ videos.

Pick your favorite one & share your thoughts about the video you picked. We'd like to read at least two lines of your story.

Share your experience or any information you know about an attraction featured in the video! Who knows? Maybe your post will be chosen as the best content!

Please fill out the google form:

Lastly, leave a comment or feedback to the creators of the video at the official Youtube channel (

Please come and enjoy the eight new videos made by KTO!

>> Click to watch :