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K-friends Conditions of Use


    1.       Purpose

    2.       Definition of Users

    3.       Types of Services

    4.       Account registration

    5.       Contents and Intellectual Property Rights

    6.       K-friends Obligations and Liabilities

    7.       Data Protection

    8.       User Obligations

    9.       Account Deletion and Removal

    10.     Restrictions on Storage

    11.     Delivery Policy

    12.     Revision of the Conditions of Use


    Last Update: July 25, 2022

    Effective Date: July 25, 2022


    1. Purpose

        The purpose of these Conditions of Use is to set forth the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties using “K-friends website” (www.kfriends.visitkorea.or.kr) (or “Services”) and provide for any and
        all matters necessary for the Korea Tourism Organization (as applicable, may be referred to as “KTO”, “K-friends”, “we”, and sometimes “us”) to manage the Services.

        By using Services, you accept and agree to be bound by these Conditions of Use and our Privacy Policy. You also confirm you have read and agreed to our Cookies Policy.
         When using particular services of K-friends, you shall be bound by applicable rules or guidelines.

        Provided Services should be operated in compliance with these Conditions of Use and all applicable laws.

    2. Definition of Users

        “User” (or “You”, depending on the context) means a person that has provided personal information when signing up for K-friends membership, and is classified as follows:

        Users are classified as individuals of 16 years old or older, entitled to use services provided by K-friends website; and

        are sub-classified by their country and region of residence or Overseas KTO Offices they support.

    3.Types of Services

        K-friends will provide the following Services to Users:

        Support of social media activities and granting of points;

        Organize promotions, events and present gifts; and User support.

    4. Account Registration

        Any individuals who wish to use K-friends’ services shall sign-up on the K-friends website.

    a.     Sign-up process requires providing an email address (“ID”), name, date of birth, mobile and stationary phone numbers, country and region of residence, home address and creating a password. Users additionally shall connect their account with certain third-party social media services, such as Facebook.

    b.     Users must provide accurate, current and complete information during the sign-up process and keep it up-to-date at all times. Any changes to user information shall promptly be made in account settings on K-friends website.

    c.      Users shall be liable for any damages stemming from failure to provide accurate information or make such changes. Users shall also be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their K-friends account.

    5. Contents and Intellectual Property Rights

    a.     These Conditions of Use grant you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to access and use the website as a user.

    b.     By using K-friends website, you acknowledge that the brand name, logo, design, and contents of the website are protected by copyright and belongs to K-friends and KTO.

    c.      No user shall commercially use posted matters including processing and selling information that the user acquired through the use of K-friends' services; provided, however, that if any user wishes to use posted matters for a non-commercial purpose, such user shall obtain the consent from KTO.

    6. K-friends Obligations and Liabilities

       K-friends shall not engage in any act in violation of laws or the Conditions of Use and shall provide uninterrupted and reliable services under the Conditions of Use.

        K-friends shall not send any promotional emails to its users without prior consent.

       K-friends, KTO and its subsidiaries and affiliates, content owners or third-parties will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, punitive, special, consequential or exemplary damage or loss of any kind arising from the use of K-friends Services or its contents, information, materials or products included or otherwise made available to users through K-friends Services.

       Services may present contents from or links to third-party websites and/or services. Neither K-friends, Korea Tourism Organization, nor any of its subsidiaries and affiliates will be responsible for the availability of these contents and links, or any losses, damages of any sort incurred as a result of user’s participation with, use of, or reliance on them.

    7. Data Protection

         K-friends can collect User’s sign-up information and personal information via the Services.

         K-friends shall implement and maintain reasonable procedures for protecting personal information in compliance with applicable law and K-friends Privacy Policy.

    8. User Obligations

        Users agree that they will not engage in any of the following acts:

    a.     Providing false information when signing up for a membership or changing user information;

    b.     Infringing upon a third party's human rights or intellectual property rights, or upon services provided by K-friends;

    c.      Wrongfully using another user's ID;

    d.     Disseminating information disruptive of public order and morals in any form including texts and images;

    e.     Committing a criminal act;

    f.      Acts in violation of laws and the Conditions of Use; and

    g.     Repeatedly upload contents that do not align with the values of K-friends and the Korean Tourism Organization.

                Users agree that they shall assume full responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of their IDs and passwords:

    1. They shall not let any third party to use their IDs or passwords;
    2. They shall immediately notify K-friends of any leakage or unauthorized use of their IDs and passwords, and fully comply with the security policies of K-friends.

    9. Account Deletion and Removal

          Users may delete their accounts at any time by requesting deletion on their account page. K-friends shall ensure that account deletions are promptly completed without any difficulty.
          All accumulated points, products, and approval status will be revoked after account deletion and may not be restored.
          Users who wish to use Service after account deletion may do so at any time by signing up for a new account.
          K-friends membership is a benefit for community users who love and support Korea. We hope that you will be a K-friend for a long time. But K-friends may, using reasonable discretion,
          decide whether or not a user's use of Services complies with these terms.

    a.     In any of the following cases, K-friends may suspend or permanently terminate the user’s account without notice according to internal regulations and legal obligations:

    i.      When a user disparages a specific country, individual, or group or engages in any act that may cause diplomatic friction;

    ii.     When a user enters false information when registering or changing user information;

    iii.    When a user violates any law or any condition as stated herein;

    iv.    When a user infringes upon the human rights or intellectual property rights of a third party and information held by K-friends;

    v.     When a user illegally collects and uses other users' identification information;

    vi.    When a user disseminates information, texts, or statistical data on other individuals or groups (Korean or foreign) that are sensitive in nature or violates generally accepted practices and common courtesy; and

    vii.   When a user commits a criminal act.

    b.     If we decide to suspend or permanently terminate a user’s account, that user shall not sign-up for a new account as it will not be approved.

    10. Restrictions on Storage

          Users agree that K-friends may restrict the storage capacity, effective period of contents storage, and so forth for users.

          Users agree that K-friends may suspend or delete a user account that has been inactive for a certain period.

    11. Delivery Policy

          In case we have to deliver goods such as gifts or prizes, we will use a third party delivery service in your respected country or the country of the closest Overseas KTO Office.

    a.     Once the shipment of the goods has started, neither K-friends, KTO nor its subsidiaries are responsible for late deliveries, mishandling, damage to the goods incurred due to the shipment process, or loss.

    b.     K-friends, KTO or its subsidiaries shall not be held responsible, if the loss of the goods was caused by a user’s fault, e.g. providing incorrect information, or failing to notify us in advance about changes in this information.

    12. Revision of the Conditions of Use

    a.     We reserve the right to revise these Conditions of Use. The changes will not be retroactive, and the most current version of the Conditions of Use will govern our relationship with you.

    b.     We will try to notify you of material revisions, for example via a service notification or an email to the email associated with your account.

    c.      By continuing to access or use these Services after those revisions become effective, you agree to be bound by revised Conditions of Use.


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