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Post Q. When will my post be approved?
First of all, thank you for your posting. We are doing our best to approve posts as soon as possible. Since so many posts are uploaded every day, it may take time to be approved. Your post will be approved sequentially. We ask for your understanding.
Thank you.
Post Q. I have followed the guideline but my post has been deleted.

Our group has very strict post guidelines/rules. Therefore, any posts that are against the regulations will be rejected. Please keep an eye on our group announcement.
Group Guidelines:
In addition, it's possible your content could have been deleted in the case of being repetitive or an exact copy of another posting. Be sure to check the other posting beforehand.

* Tips! Make sure you have the right hashtag and sources at the right place. Make sure it is not copied from the internet! Share your own story with us!

Account Q. How can I become a member of K-friends?

Step 1. Sign up at the K-friends website:

Step 2. Make sure you provide your facebook profile name and link. (Make sure you add the name that you use in the Moija K-friends Facebook group.)

Account Q. Why am I not allowed to post or comment?

Members who do not follow the below regulations will be blocked from our group.

1. Do not advertise your social media account in our group.

2. Post/comment/voting for peronal benefit is forbiden.

3. Do not upload a post/comment that does not contain anything. Please check our group rules for more details.

Post Q. Where can I post? What roles do the K-friends website, Facebook page, and Facebook group play?

- Official K-friends Website: The official website of the K-friends is shares the main news about K-friends. The members can officially sign up for K-friends, manage benefits, use 'Chingu' in the Moija Market, and check events.To get 'chingu', please sign up for the website and start official activities.

- Moija K-friends Facebook Page : On the Moija K-friends Facebook Page, the members can check important announcements and K-friends events through Facebook notifications, even if you don't check the website every day. The page introduces various events and useful information about Korea Tourism Organization as well as K-friends.

- K-friends Facebook Group : It works as a bulletin board where the members can post and communicate. There are the K-friends Group, where the members can freely communicate on various topics related to Korea, and the Korea Traveling Group, where the members can get useful information on Korea travels and see lively travel stories of K-friends members.

Chingu/Moija Market Q. My 'Chingu' has been reduced or disappeared. Why?
'Chingu' may be retrieved if you participate in the event through a fake account or cheating. Also, on January 1, 'Chingu' gets reset. 'Chingu' received in 2023 must be used within 2023, and they will get reset in 2024. Please don't forget to use 'Chingu' in the Moija Market.
Chingu/Moija Market Q. What is 'Chingu'?

'Chingu' means "friend" in Korean. 

In K-friends, it is the name of the benefits rewarded to members who participate in our activities.

You can collect 'Chingu' and exchange them for Korean goods and travel products in the Moija Market.

Please sign up at the K-friends website to start collecting 'Chingu'

Chingu/Moija Market Q. How can I get 'Chingu'?

Step 1. Sign up at the K-friends website:

Step 2. Make sure you provide your Facebook profile name and link. (Make sure you add the name that you use in the Moija K-friends Facebook group.)

You will receive 20 welcome Chingu once you sign up. You can get 'Chingu' when you participate in the events or when actively contribute in Facebook Group. Please refer to the "2023 Moija Benefit Policy" announcement on how to earn more 'Chingu'.

Chingu/Moija Market Q. I posted a lot of posts and comments, but why didn't I get a 'Chingu'?
'Chingu' is not given based on the number of posts or comments.
We evaluate the quality and the authenticity of the uploaded posts, and the managers select monthly best members based on certain standards to give out 'Chingu'.
Chingu/Moija Market Q. How and when can I use 'Chingu'?

'Chingu' can only be used in the 'Moija Market'. You can exchange for Korea-related products with 'Chingu'. The new Moija Market will be released soon.

Chingu/Moija Market Q. I have 1,000 Chingu! What can I do with it? Am I getting a gift?
There is no gifts given for achieving 1,000 Chingu. Once you reach 1,000 Chingu, you will be nominated for the Best K-friends member of the year.
The best K-friends will receive gift packages,trip to korea, and a certificate. 

However, if your account is flagged as fake or you are found to be violating the group guidelines, you'll be disqulified from being a member of Best K-friends.
Chingu/Moija Market Q. I have OO amount of Chingu. When will I get a gift?
There is no complementary gift for having Chingu. You can use your Chingu in the 'Moija Market'
Chingu/Moija Market Q. Can I have more than 1,000 Chingu?

Yes, there is no limit to the amount of Chingu you can get. Once you reach 1,000 Chingu, you will be nominated for the Best K-Friends member of the year.

Chingu/Moija Market Q. What is Moija Market?

Moija Market is an online shop where K-friends can exchange their accumulated Chingu for Korean products and experience activities in Korea. Chingu can be earned by participating in events and activities in the K-friends community.

○ 2023 Moija Market ○
- Purchasable goods: Experience opportunities for visitors to Korea such as a hanbok & school uniform try-on experience and K-pop dance class vouchers; and Korean products like cosmetics, food, fashion items, stationery, etc.
- Schedule: Experience vouchers will be available through a permanent market starting July, other items will be available through a scheduled market that opens biannually.

※ Purchasable goods and market schedule subject to change.

Chingu/Moija Market Q. I did not receive the item exchanged in the Moija Market OR it was returned.

When the item you exchanged with 'Chingu' is shipped from Korea, we will provide you the invoice number. It is impossible to re-send the product in case you provide an inaccurate shipping address, when the recipient is unknown, or if the recipient is in continuous absence. Please double-check your shipping address in advance, and check the estimated delivery date when the product is shipped.

In addition, the item can be replaced with other items after notifications if the item cannot shipped from Korea to that country due to national disputes or customs regulations.

Chingu/Moija Market Q. Do I have to pay the customs tax when receiving the item I exchange in the Moija Market?

According to the customs law of one's country, tax may or may not be incurred when you receive the items. Once the custom tax is incurred, you may be responsible for paying the tax. Please check your country's regulations before exchanging 'Chingu' with items.

Benefits Q. Is there any benefits if I become a Best K-friends of the year?

Best K-friends will be invited to travel in Korea.

* CAUTION!  Members who collect 'Chingu' in fraudulent ways or who continue to upload posts and comments that violate the guidelines are disqualified from the nomination of best members.