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K-Friends service
will be integrated
into VISITKOREA service.
The K-friends service will integrate with VISITKOREA
(planned for June 2024).
Current K-friends members must merge their K-friends account with VISITKOREA to keep their K-friends account information. If you have yet to merge your K-friends account with VISITKOREA, please log in to K-friends and proceed with accounts merge. Note: If you want to become a new K-friends member, please sign up through VISITKOREA.


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Notice Board

Total 69 cases
692024 BOF Big CONCERT2024.04.18
68Topic of the Month Esports2024.04.09
672023 Moija Market Season 2 Review Event Rewards2024.03.29
66Urgent notice regarding changes to the K-friends service2024.03.14
65Korea Festival Awareness Survey2024.03.05
64K-friends is becoming one with VISITKOREA!2024.02.28
63Happy New Year!2023.12.29
62Merry Christmas2023.12.22
612023 Chingu Reset Notice2023.12.13
602023 Best K-friends2023.12.01
592023 Nov. Members of the Month Announcement2023.11.29
58“Make New Plan” Chingu Reward Temporarily Suspended2023.11.28
572023 Oct. Members of the Month Announcement2023.10.31
562023 Moija Market Season 2 OPEN NEWS2023.10.31
552023 Moija Market Season 2 Disclaimer Notice2023.10.27
542023 Moija Market Season 2 Live Stream Announcement2023.10.12
532023 K-EXPERIENCE End of Sale Notice2023.10.06
52Happy Chuseok Quiz Answers2023.10.05
512023 Sep. Members of the Month Announcement2023.10.05
502023 K-friends Fall & Winter News2023.09.14
492023 Aug. Members of the Month Announcement2023.09.05
48My Korea Trip Itinerary Contest TOP 5 Poll Results2023.08.25
472023 K-friends Community Guide Review2023.08.08
462023 July. Members of the Month Announcement2023.08.04
45Privacy Policy Update2023.07.28
442023 Chingu Benefit Policy2023.07.20
432023 Korea Traveling Group Rules2023.07.20
422023 Moija K-Friends Group Rules2023.07.20
412023 K-EXPERIENCE Exclusive Moija Market 2023.07.19
40Moija Market Season 1 Ending Soon! Surprise Sale Event2023.07.13
392023 June. Members of the Month Announcement2023.07.06
382023 Moija Market Season 1 Live Stream Announcement2023.06.28
372023 May. Members of the Month Announcement2023.06.07
36Grab a Ticket to the Dream Concert Winners announcement2023.05.19
352023 April Members of the Month Announcement2023.05.04
342023 Mar. Members of the Month Announcement2023.04.06
33Beauty Play Beauty Box Event Winner Announcement2023.03.20
322023 Jan.-Feb. Members of the Month Announcement2023.03.13
31Reset of 2022 Chingu2023.02.16
302022 Best K-friends Announcement2022.12.30
29November Monthly Member Announcement2022.12.06
28K-friends Online Christmas Party2022.12.05
27K-friends Question Event Winner Announcement2022.11.29
26K-friends x HiKR Ground Video Contest Best Videos Award Announcement2022.11.28
25Chingu collected this year will expire at the end of the year.2022.11.18
24October Monthly Member Announcement2022.11.10
23A live broadcast celebrating the opening of Moija Market Season 2!2022.11.08
22Hangeul Day Handwriting Event Results2022.10.28
21K-friends Promotion Tour Let’s meet K-friends!2022.10.21
20September Monthly Member Announcement2022.10.07
19Lizzie Busan Trip Video Comment Event Winner Announcement2022.10.06
18Monthly Member Announcement August2022.09.22
17Ready to use "Chingu" obtained from K-friends activites? 2022.08.11
16The official website of K-friends has been updated! 2022.08.11
15July Monthly Member Announcement2022.08.04
14The coin name has been changed to Chingu2022.07.29
13Account Connection Guide for existing K-friends website members2022.07.26
12(Finished) Win a K-pop ticket competition!2022.05.10
11Moija Hangeul group is moving2022.05.04
102022 Moija Benefit Policy2022.04.04
92022 Moija Hangeul Learners Group Rules2022.03.31
82022 Korea Traveling Group Rules2022.03.31
72022 Moija K-friends Group Rules2022.03.31
6(Finished) K-friends super monitoring supporters2021.09.07
5(Finished) Tell Me about Yourself Event2021.08.10
4(Finished) Upcoming K-friends Live Broadcast2021.08.04
3(Finished) [SAVE MY TRIP TO KOREA EVENT]2021.07.05
2 (Finished) [K-Drama Awards Event]2021.07.05
1K-Dessert Event with Seven Luck Supporters2023.10.13